SMILE. Documentary Premiere

In 2020 we are looking forward to yet another exciting event as we unveil the official SmileForJosh Foundation Documentary. For the last year and a half Kai McNeil, one of the most promising videographers in the state, has worked to shine a light on our Foundation as well as the Josh Level Classic Showcase Event. This film helps the world get an inside look at the work the young men of the SmileForJosh Board put in with the help of the community to honor Josh Level and keep his name alive. 

We formed our Non Profit Organization in 2017 as a way to transform the lives of inner city youth as well as raise awareness of cardiac health risk among student athletes. Our vision for the 2020 Documentary premier is to create an educational, yet fun and engaging event for the community. Here at the SmileForJosh Foundation we pride ourselves on using our platform to provide mentorship opportunities for those who are less fortunate, as well as collaborating with other foundations and organizations who align with our vision. Money raised for this event will be used to secure the venue, sponsor kids, bring in food and vendors as well as help provide giveaways for the youth and guests that attend such as clothing,posters, and other merchandise. 

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